Saviva Food Service

Saviva Food Services has for over 70 years been a comprehensive catering partner for hotels and restaurants, as well as institutional establishments, such as hospitals, clinics, homes, residences, businesses, purchasing pools and restaurant chains. Saviva Food Services is all about food and non-food items for the kitchen and hospitality sector. From individual consulting to efficient ordering options via customizable and reliable logistics, scana provides it all.

Under the name of "Saviva Integrale", Sensational replaced three existing ordering systems and integrated several Brands with our eCommerce Solution. While the solution still caters to different customer groups the switch vastly improved maintainability and scalability. Saviva Food Services provides services to customers as diverse as beach kiosks and hundred-bed hotels. The small and simple mini scanners would fail to meet the demands of large customers. On the other hand, investing in 3G enabled mobile scanners only pays when they are handed out to high volume customers. The flexibility of the Sensational e-commerce platform allowed Saviva Food Services to choose the most cost-efficient way to cover customer needs.

Roger Juon, Head of Marketing
"With PopScan we offer our customers much more than just an online ordering system - they get a comprehensive tool that is tailored to their profile and supports them effectively in their daily work."

>10000 In Switzerland
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Over 8'000 items
Regensdorf (headquarters), Aclens Landquart, S. Antonino, Sion, Thun, Neuendorf

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