• Grow Loyal Customers
  • Make Ordering Simple
  • Optimize Your Processes
Grow Loyal Customers

Whether you want to take your existing e-commerce to the next level or you are just starting out, Sensational eCommerce is ready to cover your needs. Read on to learn how we can help you grow your business and gain effectiveness within your sales processes.



Our eProcurement Solution is an end-to-end system for purchasing and managing your supplies. It speeds up daily work, creates standardized reports for your controlling department and enforces buying policies. Read More


Integrating barcode scanners into existing workflows is one of the fastest ways to increase efficiency and reduce costly mistakes. To offer you an easy first step towards improvement of existing processes, we offer our Barcode Scanning Module as a standalone Plugin, that can easily be integrated in running e-commerce or e-procurement solutions. Read More


Flexible growth, end-to-end efficiency gains and tighter customer relations are the 3 main targets we focus on when building e-commerce solutions for our clients. Our platform provides out-of-the-box functionality along with the flexibility to adapt to industry or company specific processes. Read more





Insight & Opportunity

If you are still unsure whether you have identified the full potential of multichannel e-commerce or e-procurement within your organization, we help you find opportunities hidden in your and your customers business processes.

Prototype & Implement

When developing new ideas and customized solutions for our customers, we work with a series of prototypes and mockups to ensure that technology and business is aligned and to provide great user experience in the final product.

Observe & Strategize

In order to seamlessly adapt to changes in customer demands, the ability to make sense of customer behavior and the flexibility to take the right action is essential. We support you in setting up the collection of actionable data, structuring the results and defining activities.

Launch & Tweak

Launches are a beginning not an end. It is important to keep your customers and visitors engaged with fresh content, new ideas or continuous interaction. We help you develop concepts for your post launch activities.