• Bind Customers by Adding Services
Bind Customers by Adding Services

Grow Your Business. Increase Efficiency. Whether you want to take your existing e-commerce to the next level or you are just starting out, Sensational is ready to cover your current and future needs with Services and Technology.

What We Offer

Scan. Order. Done.

Make it easy for your customers to order and help them run their business with value added services. Features like barcode scanning or efficient inventory and stock management tools speed up everyday workflows for your customers and help you build long-term relationships.

Mature Mobile Channel

Yes, you could create your mobile app or website purely for marketing purposes, but your opportunity is so much bigger. The mobile revolution has changed the way we interact with the Internet and gives you the chance to reach the customers that have rejected e-commerce until now. Mobile increases your reach and encourages exploration.

Drive Discovery

One of the most costly processes in sales is acquiring new customers. On the Web, every single product you show in your store increases the possibility of discovery and ultimately of signing new customers. Sensational eCommerce transforms your product catalog into a customer acquisition tool through search engine optimization and simple incentivized signup processes.

Flexible Growth

Sensational eCommerce is based on our flexible platform and lets you add modules to match your changing needs. We help you take your business online and can offer anything from a simple ordering solution to a full blown customer center that facilitates communication and reflects the full relationship you have with your customers.

Optimized User Experience

2x – 3x more transactions is what most of our customers see after introducing Sensational eCommerce. So if your e-commerce site is not already an important part of your customer interaction, it will be in the future. User experience therefore is key to your future customer relationship.

Timely and Consistent Information

The best way of making customer interactions efficient is making sure that information is kept consistent across all channels. Our e-commerce platform helps you get dependable information into the hands of your customers and your employees before, during and after the sale.


Online growth through ease of use on all channels




Connects to Your ERP

Our e-commerce platform integrates directly with your ERP system. Not only to display products you sell or handle orders, but also to show customer specific pricing, delivery information or statistics.

Private Cloud

We provide you with a secure hosted solution that scales both in the short but also in the long-term and offers full redundancy of all components.

Peaks and Performance

As a provider of customer facing technology we protect you against peak loads from your customers and thus help you maintain smooth operations. At the same time we deliver the needed performance for a great end user experience.

Adapts to Your IT Landscape

No matter whether you have seperate data sources for your catalog and pricing information or you need to integrate a second ERP system because of a new acquisition, our platform adapts perfectly to your IT landscape.

Ready for Tomorrow

We drive innovation with our customers and are constantly looking for new technologies that have the potential to improve the way our clients do business.

In-House Development

Our platform is being developed in-house, which means high flexibility for you as a customer, consistent further development and that we know what we are talking about.


Setup Schematics



Cover Your Needs

Choose amongst a wealth of modules that extend the basic ordering functionality with marketing tools, sales force integration, productivity solutions and value added services.


Move marketing and sales closer together, in the end marketing is about getting customers to buy.


Broadcast messages to all customers or facilitate communication for your chain customers


Let partners advertise for their products within your site


Generate promotional email newsletters directly from your catalog

Organisation of End Customers

Let your customers do more than just buying and strengthen long-term relationships through value added services.

Barcode Scanner

Enable customers to order directly from their own storage room


Let your customers manage their storage and enable automatic ordering of supplies

3rd Party Products

Increase the time spent in your ordering system by letting customers add their own vendors


Your customers can easily take inventory by simply scanning products in stock


Stop thinking in boxes and integrate e-commerce with your person-to-person sales force for maximum impact.

Sales Stats

Give your sales people more information about their accounts' activities


Incentivize your customers by showing clear business targets and deals made

Contract Management

Keep track of agreements and make them accessible to your customers as well


Give your customers more time to focus on their core business by reducing the time they need to buy the right products.

Customer Pricing

Logged in customers see their real prices including all rebates


Automatically or manually generated orderlists saves time for recurring orders

Stock Levels

Display stock levels to avoid customer disappointment and failed orders


Cart that can manage several vendors and delivery addresses at once


Let partners display your full catalog sell products directly from their own site


Full text search with suggestions while users type makes finding products easy

Product Finder

Make it easier for customers to find products by incorporating all available meta data


Provide even better usability and flexibility to your customers by integrating mobile into your service and selling strategy. 

Mobile Laser Scanners

Combine the advantages of laser scanners with of the shelve ordering for maximum productivity


Tablets are perfect devices for browsing catalogs in cramped backrooms.


Make yourself stand out with differentiating services in a world where products become more and more alike.

Customer Center

Convert your order system into a site that reflects the full customer relationship


Online is becoming the main channel of interaction with customers. The ability to provide a branded experience thus becomes essential


Create pre-press catalogs or make your physical catalogs available directly in the site

Custom Product Ranges

Create customer specific product ranges to make ordering easier and reflect agreements

Branch Management

Allow your chain customers to manage and control their own branches centrally


Create collections of products like recipes and let users order all ingredients with one click