Recruiting is getting more and more difficult in the Swiss IT industry. With more and more customers and bigger projects, Sensational AG is dependent on a good supply of well qualified IT professionals.

After checking the usual source like and we found out that there are actually about 354 positions open for what we were looking for. The fact that we wanted a native speaker of German or at least English did not make it any easier.

Also on this topic:

In the end we chose an alternative way. 

We asked over the friends on Facebook if somebody knew somebody who was looking for a job. Fortunately, we were really lucky and found Pierluigi Cau, an IT professional from Rome. After a quick Skype interview and a short visit in Zurich we knew he's our man. He moved to Zurich 3 weeks later, and after only working here for 3 days, he already commited his first software patch to our B2B software platform. 

So again a very warm welcome Pierluigi! :-)